Backup charge point

Even frequent travellers manage to lose track of their phone-charger plug while travelling. If you’re at a hotel or self-catering venue, there’s an easy fix. Check around the back or side of the TV set for a USB port, plug in your charge cable and you can get some emergency phone juice, although you will […]

Cable protection

It’s common for charging cables to fray and begin to break near their USB-plug end. But if you catch the damage early enough, there’s a way to extend the life of your cord. Coat the fraying section with strong glue (the best is to use a hot glue gun) or silicon sealant, which hardens to […]

Quick-sorting photos

Whenever you copy images over from your phone or digital camera to your computer, they’ll likely come with a generic file name such as ‘IMG_4538.jpg’. This makes it difficult to differentiate photos from one event to another without having to look through each individually. So, how do we fix the problem?

LG Q60

LG has always been a fan favourite in the mid range (around R5 000), but it makes some top-notch value products too. The Q60 has the most sophisticated camera set-up on test here with triple rear lenses, including fast focus tech and a 2 MP depth sensor.

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