Top 5 TVs in South Africa

Buying a new TV? We put some of the most popular TV models through our tests to find the best value sets on South African retail shelves. Here’s how we test TVs…

  1. We test the main features, including picture quality (colour, sharpness and more), the sound quality and the operating system.
  2. We check the build quality, use of durable materials and smart design.
  3. Finally we consider the price compared with its competitors.
  5. We watch each set for several hours playing movies, TV shows, live sports and also games. We also consider the remote, the ports and the warranty.

And that’s how we arrive at this list…

Can’t tell your 4K from your OLED? Want to what features matter on your next TV? Read our South African TV Buyers’ Guide.


Hisense 58B7200

One of the best-looking TVs we’ve ever tested, the 58B7200’s massive screen is finished in a narrow chrome bezel with matching chromed feet. It supports all the latest HDR standards, runs on Android and is an absolute bargain at this price. FULL REVIEW

58” UHD screen. R9 000

2. Skyworth 55 Q3C

Our first experience of this new player in the market left a strong impression for its UHD image quality, its design and build, and fantastic pricing. These are the first Android powered TVs in SA and setup was a cinch. We loved using Bluetooth headphones too.  FULL REVIEW

55″ UHD screen, R9000


3. Samsung 49RU7100K

While this 49-incher is not from Samsung’s celebrated QLED range, it still includes the strong UHD and HDR features found on its bigger brothers. It’s also powered by the latest image processor chips and the elegant Tizen operating system. FULL REVIEW

49” UHD screen. R7 500


Hisense 65U7A

With a superb overall picture (UHD,HDR), powerful audio performance, and driven by the light and nimble VIDAA operating system, this is a topnotch TV experience. Adding one or two important apps (Amazon Video, for example) would place it higher on our list. FULL REVIEW 

65” screen, R20 000

LG 43UK6300

One of our big winners from last year makes the list again this time round by offering the best picture quality at the best price in the smaller 43-inch format. It’s not the most excitinglooking panel but picture quality is what counts. FULL REVIEW

43” UHD screen. R6 000


Can’t tell your 4K from your OLED? Want to what features matter on your next TV? Read our South African TV Buyers’ Guide.


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