1More E1001BT Triple Driver

The technology in some earbuds has become so sophisticated and refined that it almost rivals the sound quality of full-sized over-ear cans. These Bluetooth buds from 1More set out to target that audiophile market with its triple driver array, including two balanced armature drivers dedicated to high and low frequencies, complemented by a single full-range driver.

Certainly, the styling is extremely classy. There is a bit of weighty substance to them and, finished in brushed metal with polished accents, they certainly look the part. There’s a massive selection of silicone tips in the box, so finding the right fit should not be a problem. We also like that they fast-charge using USB-C. As you would expect, the overall sound is properly engaging, exposing subtleties in complex music and giving regular pop music some toe-tapping quality, too. Overall, it ranks far above your budget buds, and is likely on par with more serious headsets from bigger names such as Sennheiser and Sony. So, while 1More’s tech shines through, the audio is well-tuned and balanced, and the buds look the part, at this audiophile level you need to offer one more thing to sway people from their preferred brands – a good price. The Triple Driver is priced well below the big brand competitors, making them a solid buy for music lovers.


Bluetooth 4.2, LDAC/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP protocols, carry bag, R2 300

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