1More Stylish E1024BT

1More Headphones are the second-most popular electronic product in SA, after phones, so it’s great to see a new brand on the shelves, especially one delivering good value.

Right from the unboxing it’s quickly apparent that some real thought has gone into this user experience: these feel great to handle, with soft-touch silicon surfaces and delightfully comfy buds that are easy to insert and easy to remove without yanking them out of the ear canal using the cables.

The sound quality was good, but is just short of great due to the lack of bass. Upper frequencies are detailed, crisp and clear, but the low frequency response is underwhelming. The Stylish buds use a magical material called graphene, together with titanium, to create the drivers. Therefore our expectations were raised but, while music sounded lively enough, it lacked the follow-through needed to impress serious music lovers. These earphones look and feel great, and are easy to wear, but soul-music enthusiasts might feel short-changed.


Graphene/titanium drivers, Bluetooth 4.2, carry bag, ±R1 000


Features /10
Build /10
Price /10


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