About Us

TECH is, by far, the biggest consumer electronics magazine in South Africa.

It has the highest circulation and largest subscriber base.

The monthly magazine contains the usual mix of digital consumer topics and products (phones, PCs, gaming, Internet, multimedia, gadgets etc.). We place emphasis on mobile tech, human interest stories, how-to guides and buying advice.

Our mission is to help consumers make the best tech decisions to improve their life. 

We want to help everyone use their tech more effectively, so they get better value. We are all about value.

But we are not about boring so we cover lots of exciting new technologies, weird and wonderful products and even some crazy science stuff. We also speak to the most interesting personalities shaping the technology landscape in South Africa, and we talk up the role of digital tools for growing small business in SA.

This is the stuff that matters to us, because we think this is what matters to you.


Contact us… we’d love to hear from you!

Gavin Dudley, Editor, ed@techmagazine.co.za

Tasneem Soni, Digital, tasneem@hsm.co.za

Kenneth Wiid, Advertising & Marketing, kenneth@hsm.co.za


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