The Analogue Super NT is a retro gaming console that’s a little different to Nintendo’s mini recreations of the NES and SNES. Rather than repackaging a small selection of classic games, the Analogue Super NT imitates the original hardware right down to the inclusion of a cartridge slot, enabling you to plug in your favourite old games.

You can even reuse your old controllers, because it has the same ports for them. No controller is supplied here though, and you can’t just substitute a USB model. If you need a controller, Analogue recommends 8BitDo’s controllers ( We tested its wireless version, which worked a treat and feels like the real thing, with added modern convenience.

The console’s menu is opened with a special button combo, and many settings can be altered mid-game. A little tinkering might be necessary to find the best settings for your TV. One feature is unmistakably modern: HDMI output. Even if your TV supports other older connections, going digital makes old games look incredibly vivid.

The Super Nt has a bunch of resolution and scaling options to play with, plus a scanlines filter to imitate the appearance of a CRT TV. We preferred that switched off, but as always, it’s really down to personal preferences. We loved the small, lightweight design, and HDMI connectivity adds a crisp, vibrant quality to the graphics. All in all, it’s a great, purist-friendly way to revive classic SNES games on a modern TV.

Issues with some games have been fixed already through firmware updates – installed via the SD card slot – and there are added new features, notably a tool for entering cheat codes.

Compatible with all SNES and Super Famicom cartridges, HDMI 1 080p video, 48 KHz 16 bit audio, 133 × 167 × 41 mm, R2 600,


Saving games to the SD card is an obvious feature that was sadly overlooked.


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