Apple iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is one camera lighter than the iPhone 11 Pro, and it’s a good bit cheaper, but it’s definitely no budget device. You’ve got a top-tier dual-lens camera, quality 6.1-inch screen, sleek design, improved Face ID security and, to top it off, the most powerful phone processor on the planet.

One thing you don’t have, though, is an OLED display, which is now standard for all other top phones (and the iPhone 11 Pro and Max), and this LCD is also fairly low resolution compared to a lot of rivals. With pixel density of 326 ppi it still looks great, but it’s off the pace of its competitors which top 400 ppi. It’s also not rated for HDR video. 

The dual lens camera system includes the wide-angle lens from last year’s model, but now with an ultra-wide-angle lens to back it up. The ultra-wide lens offers 0.5× zoom, again well below the zoom levels offered by competitors but still useful for landscapes, indoor, groups and architecture shots. Most importantly, the wider lens captures more light for the new Night Mode feature which works better than most. It not only brightens images without making them noisy, but also adds in more detail.

The beating heart of the iPhone 11 is Apple’s extraordinary A13 processor which is probably powerful enough to run a laptop. The iPhone 11’s a screamer when it comes to speed – everything is instant. Despite this, Apple claims it has still improved battery life, and independent tests now show you could get more than 11 hours of usage, putting it in the top 20 of power
sipping phones.


6.1” screen, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB/128 GB/256 GB storage, 3 110 mAh battery, 12 MP front/12 MP wide + 12 MP ultra-wide rear, IP68 waterproof, R15 000 (64 GB)


Features 7/10
Build 8/10
Price 6/10

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