Bang & Olufsen recreates the classic turn table.

The Venn diagram of turntable owners and fans of classic audio equipment is essentially a perfect circle. Which means Bang & Olufsen is likely on to a winner with the Beogram 4000c Recreated Limited Edition, its rejuvenation of its iconic 1970s turntable. For the first example of its Classics initiative, B&O has tracked down 95 pre-owned Beogram 4000s and upgraded them with the latest technology. First off, it’s added a high performance stylus to the original’s tangential tone arm, bringing 21st century audio quality to the first tone arm of its type. On top of this, the audio brand has inserted an RIAA phono pre-amplifier into the turntable, allowing it to work in perfect harmony with any modern B&O speaker. Finally, the 4000c has been given an aesthetic upgrade: its aluminium surface has been burnished and anodised to give it luscious champagne finish, while its new hand-crafted oak frame will put it right at home in modern living rooms.

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