B&O Beovision Harmony

A multimedia set-up so sophisticated that it packs itself away.

Danish company Bang & Olufsen is most famous for its minimalist yet extraordinary design ethos applied to its range of hi-fis, speakers and TV sets. On top of that, the quality of the individual components in each product makes your standard Sony and Samsung products look pretty ordinary by comparison. Typically, each piece of a B&O product is carefully crafted to be the best piece of engineering it could be, with price a distant afterthought

B&O’s latest offering, the Beovision Harmony, combines the best available OLED TV technology (LG’s flagship C9 OLED panel) with an extreme sound system, and comes in a unique shape- shifting design. The Harmony branding invokes B&O’s intention to transform the flat black TV panel into a beautiful piece of sculpture that integrates into your lounge decor. But power it up and the motorised oak and aluminium front panels housing the speaker system carefully separate and rotate outwards while the TV set rises majestically behind them.

A bit gimmicky? Sure. But there’s no arguing with the spectacular three- channel audio performance, which combines with the brilliant and rich colour screen for a deeply enjoyable cinematic performance in your home.

Of course, after spending R395 000 on a TV set that looked this good, we wouldn’t try too hard to make it blend into the background. It would be installed in the middle of the room so visitors can get an unhindered view.


LG C9 TV: 77” UHD 4K screen, HDR, Dolby Vision, Google Assistant Beovision Harmony audio: 6 drivers,3-channel sound, 6-way amp, 450 watts,Bluetooth/DLNA/ Airplay/Chromecast, 7.1 surround sound, R395 000

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