Brionvega Radiofonografo RR226 FOST

classic italian-style hi-fi rebooted with modern flair.

Back in 2016, a 1960s turntable that once belonged to David Bowie was sold at auction for R6 028 873. That turntable was a Brionvega Radiofonografo RR126, created by Italian brothers chille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. Now, to mark the 100th anniversary of Achille’s birth, a special edition of that iconic music system has been launched, complete with the original machine’s recognisable ‘smiley face’ (made up of controls for the record player, radio and volume). The Radiofonografo RR226 FO-ST comes in white, orange and red, with only 100 of each colour available for purchase – all will be numbered and made using the original Italian cabinet design. Each will feature a premium Pro-Ject turntable with Ortofon cartridge, an AM/FM radio and modular speakers that can be moved up or down to create unique looks. There’s also a headphone jack for when you want to listen privately, but let’s be honest, this superb system deserves a bigger audience.

Price from R156 156 (import only)

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