Fitbit Versa 2

The original Versa was a breakthrough product for Fitbit who has been fending off a throng of fitness-tracker competitors. It managed to pack all Fitbit’s formidable health-tracking smarts and some smartwatch-like functions in a package that looked modern and cool (and not unlike an Apple Watch!), and is certainly a cut above the rest. The […]


The fifth-generation Apple Watch brings an option we’ve wanted since the first version: an ‘always on’ display. Lift your wrist to look at the watch and it brightens, drop and it darkens slightly. It’s handy for subtle glances, or for seeing workout stats when you can’t easily move your hand position. It also might change […]

Fitbit Ionic

In the past year or two, it has become apparent that step counting – the way most trackers do it – is strictly amateur hour when compared with the accuracy of built-in GPS, which measures exact distances you ride, walk or run. Continuous heart monitoring is non-negotiable, of course, but waterproofing is still surprisingly rare […]

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