CUBOT King Kong

Almost everyone has lost a phone due to some unintended rough treatment, whether it be dropping it on the ground or landing it in some liquid. But some people just seem doomed to destroy their handsets, and suffer these kinds of accidents year after year. CUBOT is a new phone brand in South Africa, offering, […]

LG Q60

LG has always been a fan favourite in the mid range (around R5 000), but it makes some top-notch value products too. The Q60 has the most sophisticated camera set-up on test here with triple rear lenses, including fast focus tech and a 2 MP depth sensor.

Nokia 3.2

Using this phone was a remarkable experience. It was everything we believe that a budget phone can be and we wondered, not for the first time, why anyone would pay tens of thousands of rands for a phone. We loaded all our favourite games and apps, some of which are quite hefty, without noticing any slowdown […]

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