Android app folders

Is your phone’s home screen getting too cluttered? Android smartphones allow you to group apps into folders. To do this, the app icons will need to be on your home screen. Then, simply drag one of the app icons on top of another icon, then release, and a folder will be created with the two […]

Dark site

The Dark Web is a relatively small collection of websites that cannot be found using one of the usual search engines, such as Google or Bing, but instead requires special software to access. The special software is usually Tor (The Onion Router), although other software packages are available. It works by passing messages through a […]

TickTick reminders

Need a reminder app that will keep bugging you about tasks that you’ve snoozed? TickTick is the ideal checklist app for forgetful people. You can set task reminders with specific dates, times and numbers of repeats. The app also lets you snooze for specific periods of time, rather than snoozing a task indefinitely.

Screen Refresh Banking on Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are a form of hidden (crypto) money-like digital asset. They rely on swathes of interconnected computers to store data on the currency, such as how much a certain person owns. Some people like cryptocurrencies because they don’t have any regulatory oversight – no bank or government can influence how much they’re worth. Companies are […]

Curly cable

We all know of cables that are too short, but what happens when they’re too long? This is sometimes the case when you need to use a cable on the go, but its length makes it awkward to carry around. If you want to make a long cable more manageable, you can coil it if […]

Glowing reputation

Tourists can now visit the control room of Chernobyl Reactor 4, the scene of one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters, even though the control room is still highly radioactive. The radiation in the room is 40 000 times higher than normal levels. Anyone who wishes to visit the site must wear a protective suit, […]

Vivo Y11

Global Chinese megabrand, vivo, has finally arrived in South Africa and it has chosen to launch with two models that fit into the most competitive category: the first-time smartphone adopters shopping below R3 000. The Y11 is a suitably stylish looking model with a shimmering metallic finish on the back. There’s an ample screen of […]

Cable tubes

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient and simple way to sort your various bundled cables, you can put empty paper rolls into your drawer or a box. This prevents cables from tangling or piling on top of each other – and you are giving a second life to a leftover item that you’ll find in […]

Quick notes

To quickly take down notes on your smartphone, you can pin a note widget to your home screen. Most note-taking apps such as Google Keep and Evernote have widgets like these available. This lets you immediately open and edit a note after tapping the widget, rather than needing to first find the app, open it, […]

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