Water damage

If you accidentally submerge or soak your smartphone or another device such as a remote control, flash drive, or plug end, here are a few things you can do to try and save these electronics. Immediately switch off the device to prevent further damage due to it short-circuiting. Take the device out of its cover,if […]

Proofreading without actually reading

If you want to proofread something you’ve written, there’s an easy way to do this by listening to your work instead of reading it. The trick is using a text-to-speech tool. This makes it easier to notice mistakes, especially when your eyes are tired. The simplest way to do this is with Google Translate. Paste […]

Play through

While ads in free mobile games are to be expected, there are times that these ads can get intrusive. Often, pop-up ads can interrupt your gameplay. Meanwhile, autoplaying ads can also chew up your mobile data when you’re not connected to WiFi. To prevent these autoloading ads from showing, simply put your phone on Airplane […]

Backup charge point

Even frequent travellers manage to lose track of their phone-charger plug while travelling. If you’re at a hotel or self-catering venue, there’s an easy fix. Check around the back or side of the TV set for a USB port, plug in your charge cable and you can get some emergency phone juice, although you will […]

Cable protection

It’s common for charging cables to fray and begin to break near their USB-plug end. But if you catch the damage early enough, there’s a way to extend the life of your cord. Coat the fraying section with strong glue (the best is to use a hot glue gun) or silicon sealant, which hardens to […]

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