Twitter Dark theme

If you want to conserve some battery life – and your eyesight – while doing some late-night tweeting, try activating the Dark Theme. Because it uses far darker colours than the default white, it consumes less battery power, and it’s also easier on the eyes when the lights are out. To turn it on from […]

Mousing wrist rest

Using a computer mouse over long periods causes damage to the bones, muscles and nerves of your wrist as they press against the hard tabletop. Once more, condoms to the rescue. Simply fill the condom with water and place that under your wrist to provide support. Remember, condoms are far more sturdy than balloons, so […]

Free Google games

Here are five hidden games to play inside the Chrome web browser, by simply typing a query into the search bar. Type ‘Build with chrome’ and then click the ‘I’m feeling luckily’ button to play with some LEGO bricks in Maps. Type ‘Play snake’ to play the Nokia classic, but much better looking. Type ‘Pacman’ […]

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