Netflix history clean-up

If you’ve indulged yourself with a guilty-pleasure movie or series on Netflix that you’d rather others in your home didn’t know you’ve seen, there’s a way to hide that. Simply log in to on your PC and click on your profile picture in the top-right corner. Go to Account and scroll down to My […]

Change Netflix subtitles

If you don’t like the default appearance of the subtitles when you’re watching Netflix, there is an easy way to change that. Start by logging into your Netflix account on your PC. Go to Account, then Profile. Find the section for Subtitle Appearance. From here you can adjust the size, font, colour and background of […]

Test your TV remote control

If you’re having issues with your TV remote control, you can use your phone’s camera to check it. Start the phone’s camera app and point it to face the front of the remote, as though you were going to photograph the little transmitter bulb in the front. Now hold down any of the buttons on […]

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