Cozzia Qi CZ-730 SmartMassage Chair

This personal therapist doesn’t charge by the hour.

Briefly grip the special handheld body tension sensor built in to this smart chair and it assesses your stress levels and locates the source of stiffness in your back. Then using the app, you can also report where you’re experiencing problems, and it will combine all that info along with your biometric data to create a personalised massage programme specially designed to ease up your problem areas.

There are two 14-watt speakers mounted on either side of the chair, in case a bit of Brahms helps get you in the mood.

The four heated rollers in the back are able to move in all directions, and are specifically designed to feel like a real-life human massage, not a fancy robot. To achieve this, the rollers can travel both vertically and horizontally, but also in and out, with some variations in the massage rhythm.

Don’t forget to kick off your shoes, because the foot rests have builtin shiatsu massage rollers, which combine with air-pressure cushions to work on your soles and calves.


R187 000,

There is a special arm for holding a tablet, but we imagine most people in need of this therapy should be closing their eyes and not checking their stock prices.


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