DJI RoboMaster S1 Battle Bot

From leading drone-maker DJI comes this ground-based rover, bringing with it some of the smarts we’ve come to expect in DJI’s flying machines. The RoboMaster S1 is equipped with 31 sensors that help it navigate its environment, and you can program it with specific responses to recognised signs, symbols and objects. The special wheels allow it to move immediately in any direction in four-wheel-drive mode and, with independent front suspension, it can take on any kind of terrain.

The big-boy fun starts in the turret, which holds the front camera on a gimbal for smooth first-person viewing and carries some serious firepower: an infrared beam gun and a cannon for firing soft gel pellets. Hit another RoboMaster on any of its body-panel sensors to score points or even disable it completely. You can rotate the turret and angle the guns up to 65°.

To go next-level, though, you’ll have to get into programming custom moves and special attack sequences. Kiddies use the simple Scratch programming language while the overgrown kids use Python. Because, as Sun Tzu might have said, the best army is the one with the smartest commanders.


46 programmable components, 4WD omnidirectional movement on Mecanum wheels (12 rollers each), intelligent sensing armour, two-axis mechanical gimbal, 250 mN/m direct drive motor, R7 400

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