Fitbit Ionic

In the past year or two, it has become apparent that step counting – the way most trackers do it – is strictly amateur hour when compared with the accuracy of built-in GPS, which measures exact distances you ride, walk or run. Continuous heart monitoring is non-negotiable, of course, but waterproofing is still surprisingly rare among trackers.

But the ultimate challenge comes in combining all these attributes into a wearable that looks elegant enough to pass as work wear, and not just a sports accessory. Following on from the styling of the Fitbit Blaze tracker, the Ionic certainly ticks the style box too. The Ionic also has more smartwatch features than previous Fitbits, including a generous colour screen and downloadable apps, and they’ve still managed to squeeze more than four days of battery life out of it. You can receive notifications via your phone, but, unlike genuine smartwatches, you can’t send any kind of response from your wrist.

There’s 2.5 GB of on-board storage, so you can store music to play on your Bluetooth headphones.

This hybrid doesn’t challenge a genuine sports watch or smartwatch, but it’s a high-powered GPS-enabled tracker. The industrial design is not to everyone’s taste, but you could confidently wear it to work each day, and look good doing it.


GPS, step/sleep/HR, workout recognition, water-resistant up to 50 m R5 400


Features 7/10
Build 7/10
Price 5/10

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