Fitbit Versa 2

The original Versa was a breakthrough product for Fitbit who has been fending off a throng of fitness-tracker competitors. It managed to pack all Fitbit’s formidable health-tracking smarts and some smartwatch-like functions in a package that looked modern and cool (and not unlike an Apple Watch!), and is certainly a cut above the rest.

The Versa 2 nudges things along just a bit further. It functions better as a watch, for one thing, with an optional always-on face, so no more tapping just to see the time. Unfortunately, this has a big impact on battery life, which is reduced from five days to about two in our real-world test, and you lose your cool watch faces, too. Versa 2 still recognises more than a dozen kinds of activities including yoga, swimming and, of course, different kinds of gym workouts, and adds in some coaching tips if needed. Additionally, it grades your sleep more carefully, producing a total quality
score like other trackers.

Notifications for appointments, text messages and calls come through to your wrist in the normal way, with the option of firing off a prepared reply or sending an emoji. The new Versa handles music fairly well too. You can upload tracks on to the watch (a slow laborious process using the PC, but it’s useful for when you’re at the gym or like running to a beat) and listen on your Bluetooth headphones. Of the apps that are available to install on the watch, we found nothing too exciting and, anyway, we were wary of how these might affect the battery life.


Step-/heart-/sleep monitoring, music storage, notifications,
Bluetooth/WiFi, waterproof, R4 000

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