Fitbit Versa Lite

The original Versa brought Fitbit back to winning ways, and the new Lite version feels like another well-finished product. It looks identical to the original, and for R1 000 less, you still get a lot of watch for your money.

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Besides Fitbit’s excellent step count, heart monitoring and sleep data, it’s also waterproof, for swimming and water sports, and does a very solid job of tracking more than 15 kinds of workout activity, from gym and cycling to yoga and running. Like most trackers, it will automatically recognise most kinds of activity, but you can also load seven selectable activities on the watch itself.

On the Lite you forfeit the swimming lap counter and the altimeter – this will count flights of steps climbed, which matters to serious hikers. You also can’t store music on the watch. We can’t say we find any of these features a dealbreaker, though.

Looking not unlike the Apple Watch, it manages to pull off unisex appeal, being sleek and elegant without looking too effeminate on thicker wrists. Don’t underestimate the value of a full-size watch face for monitoring your activities at a glance, on-screen tapping and even just checking the time.

The Lite comes with all the most useful smartwatch features baked in, including downloading apps (for weather, news headlines and more) and it delivers text messages and phone notifications to your wrist. That makes it possibly the best-value smartwatch and tracker combination on the market today.


Steps/sleep/heart, phone notifications, R3 000


Features 7/10
Build 6/10
Price 7/10

The Versa Lite doesn’t have GPS, but it connects to your phone for GPS tracking if you need accurate data for distance covered or to track your route. Maps showing your route then show up in the Fitbit app.

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