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Fuji has been marketing its Instax instant photo print system for the last few years, and Gen Z have latched on to these hard copy photos as unique and tangible trophies that stand apart from the constant stream of digital media noise in which they are immersed.

The latest addition to the system is this standalone Bluetooth printer about the size of paperback novel, which connects with the Instax app on your phone where you choose your pictures to print. A cartridge of photo paper is loaded into the body of the printer.

It’s not hard to figure out where this product is targeted considering some of the novelty features. You can combine different faces into one, or add funky overlays and frames, print a frame of a video, or split one picture into several prints. Or check friendship compatibility between two people in a photo by answering a few questions.

The prints are on the small side (62 mm × 46 mm pictures) and the vibrancy of the colours is far below what you’d see on a phone screen, but there is an unmistakable charm to holding and sharing a memory in this physical photo format. Of course, at around R15 per photo almost every printed memory becomes a precious one.


R2 000 (10 sheets photo paper, R155)


Features 7/10
Build 6/10
Price 5/10

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