Garmin fēnix 6 Pro

Anyone who wants a truly high-end sports watch – one for running, golf, gym, hiking, swimming and more – should consider this latest offering from Garmin.

The new top-end fēnix has improved on a few important parameters, such as battery performance and screen size, all the while not increasing the overall physical size or weight of the watch. In fact, the fēnix 6 Pro is actually thinner and lighter than the fēnix 5, but offers a larger 1.3-inch screen, at 260 × 260 resolution. There’s also 32 GB of onboard storage, for keeping music playlists synced to it. Battery life has been greatly improved thanks to the different modes that can extend the life up to a whopping 28 days. This mode is called ‘Expedition’, in case you were wondering who it was designed for. For us, with a bunch of useful functions turned on, it lasted around a week. Speaking of batteries, there’s a new Body Battery feature that monitors your energy level during the day. This gives you an idea of how different activities, or even just your daily grind, can affect your overall energy levels.

This pairs well with the new PacePro feature, which suggests pacing strategies when active according to the terrain (for example, elevation intensity), the desired finish time and, of course, your own preference settings. The sturdy steel and sapphire build looks great, and should survive whatever you throw at it (including water – yep, it’s swim-proof). The watch is controlled using five buttons on the side, with no touchscreen option. All the activity-tracking metrics appear accurate – heart-rate worked well for any exercise we tried, and GPS is accurate. The large screen enables you to see lots of metrics at once, which is ideal for advanced training. It’ll suggest training types based on VO₂ levels, and other data, which is useful to explore – especially the Garmin Coach system, which adapts to give you training plans to hit 5 K, 10 K or a half marathon. The only real downside to the fēnix 6 Pro stems from how comprehensive it is, which makes it expensive and bulky. Though it has great running features, it’s just a little too heavy to be ideal – the Garmin Forerunner 945 would be better. But it is great if you want a watch that does golf GPS, skiing maps, and swimming-, hiking- and gym tracking … you get the idea.

The ultimate multisport watch, there’s little this indestructible gadget can’t do to measure your performance and support your healthy adventures.


1.3” colour screen, polymer and stainless steel body, eight sensors, multisport, VO₂ max, training assists, 32 GB music storage, 47 × 15 mm, 60 g, R13 500


Features 9/10
Build 9/10
Price 5/10

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