Garmin vívosmart 3

Pitched above entry level, this competes with Fitbit’s Alta HR and the Charge 2 and, while it falls short in the looks department, its tech and feature set exceed that offered by both these competitors.

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There’s a lot of useful information crammed on to the one-inch-high screen, including the step count, calorie burn and more, yet the text remains perfectly legible and it somehow never feels crowded. Gymgoers will be pleased that it can now count reps for some moves.

The tap controls were extremely unreliable, which will lead to huge frustration when you’re in a hurry or in the middle of a workout activity that cannot be interrupted. The soft silicone strap also felt too fragile for our liking.

The most interesting new feature is stress measurement, which appears to be calculated based on a rising heart rate while you’re not doing any activity. These results could easily be pretty misleading, we think, though it’s an idea that could improve in time.


Step/sleep/stress tracking, HR sensor,  waterproof, phone notifications, music control, R3 000


Features 7/10
Build 6/10
Price 6/10


We like the idea of stress metrics, and that it can automatically figure out if you’re doing certain kinds of exercise without being told. But it does look a bit boring and it’s still quite expensive for technology that is now well mature


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