Garmin vívosmart 4

For such a tiny band, the vívosmart 4 collects a huge amount of useful data.

It’s perfect for geeks and those looking to meet specific wellness goals. The tiny screen does a decent job of cycling through your key metrics, but it is far too small for displaying detailed feedback mid-workout. It’s far easier to assess your performance when the data is loaded into the phone app.

Besides all the usual metrics for step count, sleep and heart rate, the vívosmart also offers VO 2 max, a measure of your overall fitness. Our personal favourite is the stress score, based on a rising heart rate while you are not doing exercise, which may kick in a recommendation for some controlled breathing.

The Body Battery is unique to Garmin and shows how energised you should feel at different times of the day, based on your sleep quality, stress levels and more, and you can use that to plan your workouts.

The Garmin Connect app presents a busy dashboard of personal data that can seem a bit overwhelming until you learn to home in on the numbers that matter to you. Of course, you can also customise the dashboard to omit graphs and scores that clutter your view. We think the Garmin app has finally caught up with Fitbit’s and is even better on some counts.


Step/sleep/heart rate, phone notifications, R2 900


Features 7/10

Build 7/10

Price 5/10

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