Headspace Guide to Meditation

A clever science-backed docu-series and guide to simple meditation techniques.

The Headspace Guide Meditation is an illustrated documentary-series that captures the science and experience of meditation and its benefits all in a short formatted sequence.

Each episode is a mindful experience that helps you get a more clear view about what’s going on in your head and how to manage thoughts that have been rooted from emotional or physical experiences. After about 10 minutes into the episode, you start a guided meditation journey which the narrator, Andy Puddicombe takes you through. Each episode is roughly 20 mins long and will give you feelings of pure bliss.

Now we know that this series has absolutely nothing to do with Tech but we figured that it would be a great escape from all the chaos that’s currently happening around the world and simply just a quick and easy way to clear your head and thoughts.

Thank us later!

By Tasneem Soni

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