Hot gaming gear: Consoles

Every year we test a huge batch of gaming gear to find the winners to suit all budgets. Here are the best consoles.

A quick reminder of how we review gaming gear:

  1. We test the main features, including advanced functions and ease of use.
  2. We check the build quality, use of durable materials and smart design.
  3. Finally we consider the price compared with its competitors.
  5. We also consider the suitability of each product for different kinds of users.

Gaming consoles

XBox One S Digital Edition

It’s true that the One S is already two years old, and that the One X has far surpassed it in processing power. This model’s only difference from the original One S is the loss of the optical drive, but we still like the Digital Edition for three reasons: the removal of the DVD drive has knocked roughly R1 500 off the price, it does HDR and upscales games to 4K very decently and, finally, many of our favourite games are still not out in 4K, so the One S does us just fine. And anyway, games on discs are so 2009, right? R3 200

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has become almost as big a deal as the breakthrough Nintendo Wii was many years ago. It’s easily outselling both Xbox and PlayStation even among hard-core gamers, who are reconnecting with Nintendo’s deeply satisfying titles such as Super Mario, Zelda and Pokémon, while enjoying the option to convert straight to handheld HD gaming. Unsurprisingly a lot more AAA titles such as FIFA, Call of Duty and Doom Eternal are now also available on Switch. R6 260

PlayStation 4 Pro

Still the choice of serious console gamers, the two-yearold PS4 Pro was a decent upgrade over its predecessor. What makes this a good choice today is the number of PS4 exclusive titles now being released in full 4K glory. If you’ve saved up to buy a 4K TV, then you can immediately start investing in 4K classics such as God of War, Spiderman and Horizon Zero Dawn. Or perhaps you’ll be saving up for the PS5, due out next year. R7 000



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