Hot gaming gear: Controllers

Every year we test a huge batch of gaming gear to find the winners to suit all budgets. Here are the best controllers.

A quick reminder of how we review gaming gear:

  1. We test the main features, including advanced functions and ease of use.
  2. We check the build quality, use of durable materials and smart design.
  3. Finally we consider the price compared with its competitors.
  5. We also consider the suitability of each product for different kinds of users.

Game controllers

Razer Raiju Ultimate

If you’re console all the way, and not wasting cash on PC gaming, then you’ll want the best accessories available. For PlayStation gamers, right now that’s the Raiju with its array of carefully sculpted programmable buttons and chunky paddles, and triggers set up with exceptionally high sensitivity. It’s also fully customisable with additional joysticks and D-pad to suit your playing style and, using the handy configuration app, you can tweak and store multiple profiles. Best of all, it feels like a high-quality product through and through, and will keep delivering through every gruelling match up. PC and PS4, R4 000

Sparkfox Fight Pad

One strictly for the dedicated fight game fanatic, this control does away with your second joystick, then moves the remaining stick and the D-Pad into an unusual position. So it will certainly take some getting used to, but the belief is that the combo moves you need to win will all be more accessible with this rearrangement. You’ll have to un-train your muscle memory first, obviously. It’s not the most robust build, but you won’t care when you’re finishing him. PS only, R450



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