How to stop breaking your phone

Use your mobile device with care or else expect to repair. Here are some top tips to preserve your phone.

More than half the world now uses a smartphone, according to the digital in 2017: global overview report, released last year. That’s more than 3.5 billion people, and almost 90% of them keep their phone within arm’s length throughout the day. Possibly because of this frequent use, there’s an increased risk of breaking your phone, whether through bad habits or just plain clumsiness. Here are some tips from Ashraf Rogers, Technical Manager at weFix, to stop you from doing undue damage:

Too hot to trot

Never leave your device in direct sunlight, in your car or exposed to heat. This affects the circuitry , especially the battery, and could make the materials inside your phone unstable and potentially explosive.

Fire alert

If your device has come into contact with liquid, and you suspect there’s damage, the battery must immediately be removed, and the device must be switched off. If you don’t do this, any movement on the phone could cause electrical problems and overheating, possibly resulting in an exploding battery or your phone catching fire.

Crack me up

A cracked screen can lead to shattered glass fragments, which are dangerous for your hands and fingers, as hair-fine splinters of glass continue to come loose on the surface. Don’t delay your repair until the damaged screen begins to crumble and turns into a health hazard. An emergency fix is to cover broken screens with clear sticky tape until you can get it in for repairs.


You may be keeping your PC security software up to date, but don’t forget about your phone. Think carefully before you install each new app on your phone, and read the install screens carefully. Badly made apps may contain malware. Always do software updates on the phone’s operating system, which will usually fix any security issues.

Give it a rest

At least once a week, give your phone a complete shutdown for about 30 minutes. This will clear out useless data being held in memory and other circuits, and could possibly prolong the life of your phone memory too. On rebooting the phone, it will run a complete check of its own systems and report problems.


Don’t leave your smartphone plugged in and charging all night, as this can generate excess heat or damage your battery or even the phone itself. Some chargers, but not all, automatically switch off when the phone is fully charged. If in doubt about your charger, unplug.

Drop it

If you do drop your device but you can’t see any visible damage, don’t assume that everything is fine. It’s possible that the impact has weakened your phone’s casing or damaged the delicate parts inside the device. After a bump, keep a close eye on phone performance and seek repairs before problems escalate.


Quick fix

weFix has repaired smart devices for more than 700 000 customers. This includes phones, tablets, laptops and DJI drones. The company now has 36 stores across South Africa, with technicians trained to repair Samsung, iPhone, LG or Huawei devices in as little as 60 minutes, and customers’ data and security are  taken seriously. Repairs can be booked online at

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