LG G8S ThinQ

Some people can barely distinguish one Android phone from another, but as a long-time LG user, handling the G8S ThinQ feels like coming home. Arguably, the G8S doesn’t look very different from the G7, but that is part of the appeal – it ain’t broke, so there’s not much to fix. We even like the noticeable bezels all around the screen, which stop your fingers from triggering the phone just by handling it.

It’s also not true that the G8S offers nothing new. Gesture control adds some novelty. You can wake and unlock the phone by simply waving your palm over the front sensor. You can also pinch your fingers together to fire the camera and twist your fingers to adjust the volume, for example.

The trade-off is a sizeable notch on the front screen to house all the sensors. Gesture control is a little hit-and-miss, and we can’t see which real-world problem it solves, but you can’t fault LG for experimenting, and it could well evolve into something more practical down the line.

As LG’s top offering, the G8S uses the fastest Qualcomm chip on the market, the Snapdragon 855, and 6 GB of RAM, all rounded off with an excellent triple rear camera, including ultra-wide angle and zoom.

LG has always differentiated itself with superior audio, and that’s true here again. It delivers remarkably good DTS:X 3D sound and uses a unique system of vibrating the screen glass as a speaker to get a bigger, louder sound. Definitely the audiophile’s choice (or consider the LG V40).


6.2” screen, 6 GB RAM, 8 MP front/ 12 MP + 12 MP zoom + 13 MP wideangle cameras, 128 GB storage, gesture control, IP68, R12 000


Features    8/10
Build    7/10
Price    7/10


Another solid flagship phone from LG, but there may not be enough on offer to attract buyers away from the other brands, which is a pity The G8S offers three biometric unlocks: fingerprint, facial recognition and now Air Motion, which reads the pattern of veins below the skin of your hands.

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