Meural Canvas II

The meural canvas II showcases art from famous museums and your camera.

Before you ask, this is not just a traditional digital photo frame. It’s not going to subject your visitors to a boring carousel of your favourite beach holiday photos. What this customisable home decor will do is bring some high-brow classiness on to your walls by showing a bespoke selection of the best artwork in the world. There are over 30 000 works and counting in the art subscription deal (some art is free, the premium option costs roughly R150 a month) to help turn your home into the Louvre. There’s even a movie poster collection from Marvel! The frames offer 1080 p HD full resolution and a range of 16.7 million colours. They come in two sizes: 41 cm × 61 cm, and 48 cm × 74 cm, and four different colour frames.

These frames have an anti-glare, matte display, and ambient light sensors that automatically tweak the image brightness to make it more natural.

They can hang vertically or horizontally – there’s also a smart rotational mount that lets you effortlessly switch between both. It’s controlled either by a companion app or through a desktop, and yes, you can upload your own artworks and photos through WiFi. The app will even quickly crop them to work with the vertical or horizontal format you’ve chosen. You can also upload animated GIFs! But the question is: is your cat gif art?

Want to know more about the piece? Swipe your hand upwards in front of the frame to bring up a description and the credits through motion control. Or just ask Alexa to help out.

Built-in WiFi and SD slots. From R8 200

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