Finally, a single speaker that sounds like a symphony (but costs more than a car).

It’s rare that we find a product that fully encapsulates true style and incredible sound, so when we do, we get excited. Allow us, then, to break out the bunting for the Orbitsound Air D1. Described as ‘the world’s only one-box luxury loudspeaker’, this sumptuous floor-standing active speaker has been designed by renowned audio engineer Ted Fletcher (a music-world luminary who has worked with Dusty Springfield, Dire Straits and The Who) and son Daniel. Orbitsound’s own Airsound technology (first developed in 2005) has been polished and perfected to deliver audiophile performance with a compelling stereo image, meaning you’ll hear the same tonal and spatial presentation wherever you’re sitting in the room. You can stream music wirelessly, connecting your device to the Air D1 via either Bluetooth or WiFi, and take advantage of one optical, one Ethernet and three aux inputs.

R220 000,



The gorgeous Air D1 uses ‘transconductance’, whereby the amp constantly monitors the loudspeaker’s behaviour, correcting its own output accordingly to actively combat low-level distortion.

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