Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro

The Buckshot Pro speaker comes with a flashlight add-on and fasteners to attach to your bike. It’s shock-resistant and waterproof, too, making it one of our top-rated Bluetooth speakers. We didn’t set out to drop test this kit, but we managed to spill it twice: once into a puddle of water, and once directly onto tarmac. Both times it went tumbling end-over-end from about 1m high (table height) but it looked none the worse for wear thanks to its thick rubbery cladding. On one occasion the music kept right on playing. Rock on, Buckshot Pro.


5 mode torch attachment, IPX5 water resistant standard, 2600 mAh powerbank, R1200


Sound 5/10
Features 8/10
Build 7/10
Price 7/10

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