Bragi Dash earphones

We’ve followed the development of these revolutionary fully cordless headphones for more than a year now and, even though three other manufacturers beat them to the punch, we still couldn’t wait to sink these into our ears. The separate left and right buds are housed in a snazzy aluminium case that also serves as a […]

Sony XZ smartphone

Sony has built up a fanatical fan base that loves its hard-wearing designs. Problem is, all that engineering excellence, all of the superb screens and even the fantastic cameras have become a little too safe and boring. BThis one, though, is truly worthy of being called a flagship phone with its durable build, shedload of […]

HP Spectre pro 13 ultrabook

It’s not to be taken lightly, making the thinnest laptop in the world. Though at just 1.1 kg, you’re actually taking it all rather lightly indeed, because it’s also one of the lightest laptops in the world. And it’s a real head-turner, too, its matte-black carbon-fibre lid contrasting with shiny copper-coloured aluminium accents and concealed […]

Beats Pill + speaker

Two elements separate the Beats Bluetooth speaker from dozens of competitors. First, it gets plenty loud for its size. We appreciated that we could squeeze it into a small counter space and still hear it clearly over the cacophony of kitchen appliances and general household clamour. Sound quality is well above average, especially for its compact size. […]

Beats EP headphones

Headphone sound and fit is a very personal thing, and for on-ear-style cans, the tension in the headband is critical, because the earpads are pressing your ears flat against your head. Despite the serious padding, our head and ears started to hurt after 20 minutes, but your mileage may vary. The sound was the same […]

Astrum SW130 smartwatch

The majority of smartwatches these days represent the cutting edge of microtechnology, packing in tons of processing power, data storage and wireless chips to create a veritable computer on your wrist. The SW130 doesn’t pretend to offer the exact functionality of the top smartwatch models, but it can do some of the basics. You can […]

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