Huawei P30 Pro

All eyes have been on Huawei since the P20 briefly snatched the lead in last year’s smartphone race. The new P30 is certainly a technical marvel, but it hasn’t created the same kind of stir. It’s loaded with a lightningfast Kirin 980 chipset, buckets of memory and storage, a significantly bigger battery, an elegant teardrop […]

Huawei Y7

Huawei now has dozens of models in the affordable range, so you could be forgiven for getting a little confused. But the Y7 quickly won us over and held our attention thanks to its excellent extra-large 6.2” screen and great feel in hand. We prefer our phones built a little tough for the tumbles and […]

Samsung Galaxy S10e

While the Galaxy S10+ showed Samsung at the height of its technical prowess, the S10e shows how well it can balance price and features. Coming in at far less than the regular S10 devices, the ‘e’ apparently stands for ‘essential’, which is fair. In fact, no essentials have been skimped on here. That includes design […]

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung never fails to raise the bar for the mobile-phone industry, pushing ahead with exciting new consumer innovations enabled by dozens of engineering tricks the average user will probably never know about. It all adds up to an exciting final product where every detail has been thought through, and every feature, button and chip is […]

Apple iPad mini

Apple’s smallest iPad has been getting squeezed from both sides as phones gain on its 7.9-inch screen size while the 9.7-inch iPad becomes more affordable. This one cleverly packs in the same powerful chips and screen tech as the new iPad Air, but makes that power even more portable. On the inside there’s an Apple […]

Apple iPad Air (2019)

Originally Apple used the ‘Air’ name for products that were thinner and lighter than anything that had come before, but lately Apple seems to use the Air name for its ‘sweet spot’ products, with the most mainstream mix of features and price. That’s definitely the case here. The Air’s 10.5-inch screen size is its drawcard, […]

Hisense 65U7A

This TV delivers a strong UHD experience, although the HDR delivery is not as detailed or responsive as some other mid-range sets. But that is no deal-breaker, unless you’re a very fussy movie buff. For gamers, the TV can bypass all its fancy processing to deliver a respectable 31 ms response when you select Game […]

Samsung 43MU7000

Many people overestimate what size TV they need. Here you’re making the smarter choice, and choosing high end picture quality over size. On this set Samsung’s QLED is its third-generation of ultra high definition tech, and it’s been refined over time into a superb suite of picture quality enhancements. While all the TVs on test […]

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