CUBOT King Kong

Almost everyone has lost a phone due to some unintended rough treatment, whether it be dropping it on the ground or landing it in some liquid. But some people just seem doomed to destroy their handsets, and suffer these kinds of accidents year after year. CUBOT is a new phone brand in South Africa, offering, […]

Google Home Hub

They’ve been called loads of different things: smart speakers, personal home assistants and more, but these digital hubs are front and centre of the smart home powered by voice activated artificial intelligence. At Tech we’ve been sceptical about how useful smart home hubs could really be, and whether it is really just a novel tech […]

Easy online shopping

Rather than sifting through dozens of product listings when shopping for your next device, use The website lets you choose a device type (smartphone, laptop, monitor, an so forth) and shows you all the available devices across brands with small visual bubbles. As you choose your desired specifications, features, and price, the chart filters […]

Fitbit Versa 2

The original Versa was a breakthrough product for Fitbit who has been fending off a throng of fitness-tracker competitors. It managed to pack all Fitbit’s formidable health-tracking smarts and some smartwatch-like functions in a package that looked modern and cool (and not unlike an Apple Watch!), and is certainly a cut above the rest. The […]

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