Razer Kishi

Turn your phone into a powerful handheld console

Portable gaming has always pushed our buttons (in a good way), but most of the options are pretty expensive and don’t even include the games you’ll probably need to buy. The Kishi negates most of this by working as a universal controller that fits most of the latest smartphones (Android and iOS), and which relies on cloud-gaming. These smart handles plug into the sides of your phone and offer plenty of arcade-like fun thanks to a low-latency direct connection through USB-C or Lightning charging ports. The set-up offers two analogue thumbsticks, an 8-way D-pad, and a classic collection of ergonomic face, bumper, and trigger buttons. Bottom line? Portable gaming has just become a helluva lot cheaper and more accessible.

The flexible design allows this to be stretched and clamped on to most phones, providing a secure fit – no matter how crazy the button-bashing becomes.

2-year warranty, paired with a Razer Kishi app, from R1 310

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