The evolution of the classic radio.

We know what you’re thinking: didn’t streaming kill the radio (star)? Far from it: rather than going extinct, they’ve evolved. Perhaps the closest you could get to the Platonic ideal of a digital radio, this is the fourth-generation of the Ruark R1, released for its predecessor’s 14th birthday, and the premium audio brand has essentially perfected the formula to give you everything you’d want from a discrete radio. It has best-in-class sound, helped in no small part by its linear amplifier, Ruark NaturalSound+ driver and adaptive EQ. But its talents go much further than that: not only does it have a DAB, DAB+ and FM tuner, it also has a high-quality Bluetooth receiver, switchable auxiliary input and a USB-C playback port, meaning it doubles as a high-quality bookshelf speaker. All in all, it offers a serious amount of audio adaptability for a very decent price.

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