Samsung A70

Last month we rated this one of the best gaming phones in SA because it ticked so many boxes for the most demanding users of all: gamers. But you don’t have to be a mobile gamer to appreciate what a winner the A70 has turned out to be.

At 6.7 inches, it has the biggest screen of any phone we’ve ever tested, and it’s an AMOLED beauty: bright and sharp. Of course, big screens kill your battery, but the A70 has one of the biggest batteries ever, at 4 500 mAh, which lasted us well over a day. And here’s the clincher: It’s all packed into one of the thinnest phone bodies we’ve seen this year. It’s incredibly svelte and covered with a shimmering colour plastic backplate that’s pretty cool (and far less breakable than glass).

The A70 supports a new form of extreme fast charging. In the box is a 25-watt charger, which far exceeds the output of the previous 15-watt fast charger offered with the flagship S10 phone.

It has all the features you’d expect from phones in the upper-mid range, such as a generous 6 GB of RAM, an on-screen fingerprint reader and facial unlocking. The screen notch at the top is reduced to a tiny teardrop shape that barely touches your full-screen views.

Samsung cameras rarely disappoint. This dual-rear-camera set-up is certainly well above average for mid-range phones and includes AI scene recognition and a raft of other clever (but seldom-used) software enhancements.


6.7” screen, 6 GB RAM, 32 MP front/32 MP + 8 MP wide-angle cameras, 128 GB storage, microSD slot, R8 000


Features  9/10
Build   8/10
Price  7/10


The A70 is a powerhouse of a phone that overshadows almost every other handset going for less than R10 000. It’s not a mid-range cheapie, but still offers very strong performance for the price point.


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