Samsung Galaxy Buds

To come out in front, we think true wireless buds need to sound great, obviously, but also be easy to handle and use, and because they’re easy to drop or lose, they shouldn’t cost the earth.

Samsung packed some excellent tech into these buds, which are simple to insert and remove, feel extremely comfortable after hours of wear, and are barely noticeable in the ear. They sound superb across all music types, thanks entirely to the decades of audiophile know-how applied by Samsung’s subsidiary company AKG, but they also worked great on audiobooks and podcasts too. Samsung uses its own proprietary software, which subtly adjusts the music quality up or down to prevent cut-outs when it detects the Bluetooth signal weakening. This works great in practice: we suffered no dropouts during testing, and didn’t notice any audio-quality dips either. We’re usually sceptical of touch controls on headphones but, of all the buds on test, these controls worked the most reliably. Also, the pill-shaped charging case is the perfectly pocketable size, and we’re delighted it uses USB-C.


Bluetooth 5.0, R2 400


Features 8/10
Build 8/10
Price 6/10

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