Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung may have stumbled on to a winner here. The Galaxy buds are perhaps the best fully cordless buds we’ve ever used. They’re light, extremely comfortable and small enough to sit flush with the ear without any protruding bits.

They also managed to maintain a steady connection with a variety of non-Samsung phones, something that has plagued every pair of cordless buds we’ve reviewed.

It was the surprisingly great sound quality that eventually won us over. The audio was clear, lively and loud enough, and performance seemed effortless no matter what kind of music we threw at it. Some years ago, Samsung acquired premium audio company Harman Kardon, and these may be the delicious fruits of that union.


Bluetooth, charging case, R3 000


Features 7/10
Build 7/10
Price 6/10


The sound is great, but not perfect. These could be more bold in the mid-range and definitely could use more bass. Overall, though, the functionality is superb, and that comes at a hefty price.

The charge case is compact, pill-shaped and pocket friendly. Recharge wirelessly by placing it on the back of Samsung’s S10 phones.


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