Samsung launches The Wall Luxury

Back in January 2018, Samsung unveiled The Wall, a 4K MicroLED TV that was not only huge (146 inches), it was also modular – meaning it was made of smaller panels that could be pulled apart and pieced back together in any number of elaborate ways, for a fluid yet flexible viewing experience. Well, the South Korean giant has now aced that panel with a luxury version, the top-end configuration of which is an 8K colossus measuring 292 inches.

While huge screens of the past have tended to suffer from washed-out visuals, The Wall Luxury has no such worries – its cutting-edge MicroLED technology delivers exceptional brightness (up to 2 000 nits), and it’s vivid, with lifelike colours and the blackest of blacks. And this isn’t only meant for enhancing your favourite films and TV shows: switch on The Wall Luxury’s Ambient Mode and it will display your photographs or paintings with stunning clarity.

Keeping the TV active won’t diminish its efficacy, either, as it’s rated for 100 000 hours of usage. When designing The Wall Luxury, Samsung was gunning for those of you who only want the most premium visual experience in your home. And judging from what we’ve seen of this huge slab of AV wonder so far, it looks like the company has nailed it.

If gigantic TVs aren’t your thing (or you don’t have the space in your living room), no need to worry – The Wall Luxury range starts with a much more modest 73-inch version. Pricing is not available yet.

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