Sennheiser HD 202 II review

Not everybody loves surprises, but we think you’ll like this kind. These budget headphones sneaked up on us with their understated (dull!) design and all-plastic build, but they ended up outplaying headphones costing three or four times this much. They’re very light compared to most other over-ear models, remarkably comfortable and fairly durable too. But it is the effortlessly balanced sound that wins you over. Whichever genre of music you throw at them, from jazz vocal to electronica to guitar rock, they send back great-sounding, detailed, toe-tapping music to get lost in. At this price, there’s no argument: best budget headphones ever.

WHAT’S MISSING? They’re not foldable, so they’re not great to stick in a backpack. The black-on-black plastic finish looks downright cheap. And a bit more bass wouldn’t hurt.

VERDICT If you’re prepared to set aside your craving for street cred, you could end up with this deeply rewarding, bestin-class audio experience. Music lovers, find them and buy them now. Lovers of Beats headphones need not apply.

SPECS Over-ear design


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