Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

For us, the signature Sennheiser sound has always been perfectly balanced, with a little bit of drama just below the surface. That sound was perfected in its successful Momentum series of headphones, available in all wearing styles, so it’s no surprise that Sennheiser’s first pair of cordless buds also flies the Momentum flag.

The superb balance of the Sennheiser sound is unmistakable in these buds. They delighted us with music, helped along with support from the excellent AptX wireless music protocol, but they disappointed us on other fronts.

These are Sennheiser’s first-generation cordless product (some manufacturers are on to their third generation already), and they feel like it. What might have impressed us two years ago feels well behind the curve today.

They’re just too darn chunky. Most manufacturers’ buds are now much smaller and sit flush with the ears, but the Momentum buds are the size of a R5 coin and stick far out of the ear. Despite this, their awkward shape make them especially hard to elegantly fish out of your ear without dropping.

And the touch controls were just too complicated, with separate controls for left and right ears, almost guaranteeing that you’ll always be holding your phone in the hand you need.


Bluetooth, charging case, R6 000


Features 8/10
Build 5/10
Price 4/10


Great Sennheiser sound, but overshadowed by too many basic flaws in the overall usability.

The charging case looks classy, but it’s way to big. Thankfully it charges with USB C.


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