Soho Back Support

Almost everyone who has worked on computers more than a decade is familiar with nagging back pain. After expensive therapies, special chairs and stretching routines, this remarkably simple solution grants almost instant relief, and that’s no exaggeration. The two back plates move independently to support your spine and keep your posture. Fitting the device is simplicity itself. Position the support against your backrest, and then simply slip the elasticated straps around the back of the chair. Then, just sit down for some pleasant relief across your lower and middle back, and even in the shoulders. Of course it also prevents you from sitting back deeply in the chair, or from rocking, for that matter.


Two sprung back plates, ventilated fabric covering R990,


Features 7/10
Build 7/10
Price 8/10

It’s difficult to believe one device this simple can provide support for such a wide range of back ailments, but that was exactly our experience testing with a number of Computer Back sufferers. So if you’re struggling through every work day, know that relief is at hand, and not too costly.



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