Top 5 Gaming Gear in South Africa

Gamers are pretty fussy about their gear. For both console and PC gamers we tested a huge bunch of peripherals to build this list of the best value gaming gear in SA.

  1. We test the main features, including advanced functions and ease of use.
  2. We check the build quality, use of durable materials and smart design.
  3. Finally we consider the price compared with its competitors.
  5. We also consider the suitability of each product for different kinds of users.

And that’s how we arrive at this list…

1. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

Great build, comfy fit and superb sound for both games and music make this a winner. The strong audio performance comes courtesy of oversized 50 mm drivers. The removable cup covers can also be used to customise your look. Pity they’re not wireless, though. FULL REVIEW

R1 800

2. Trust GXT 165 Celox

This is simply one of our favourite gaming rodents ever, superb value at the price. The finger scoops are perfectly positioned, with  decent textured pads falling under the fingertips for grip. Step up to 10 000 DPI or add in removable weights to customise your performance. FULL REVIEW


3. SparkFox Atlas Bluetooth Controller

Now that many more games are properly cross-platform, you need peripherals that can keep up. This Xbox-style controller works on your PC and your phone and connects using a cable or Bluetooth 4 for lowest latency.


4. Trust GXT 890 Cada

At this price, you’re not expecting industry-leading tech, but we found the Outemu switches and decently sculpted key caps to be perfectly suited to our particular typing style. And the individual RGB settings per key just complete the package.

R1 500

5. XBox One S Digital Edition

It’s true that the One S is already two years old, but we like the new Digital Edition for two reasons: the removal of the DVD drive saves you almost R1 500 off the price, and it does HDR and upscales games to 4K decently.  Games on disc are looking pretty old school about now.  FULL REVIEW

R4 500

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