Turtle Beach Elite Atlas & Elite Pro 2

Turtle Beach is a classic gaming headphone brand, but it has struggled against a slew of low-priced newcomers with racy styling and innovative features. The response from Turtle Beach has been spectacular, delivering some of the best performing gaming headsets we’ve ever used.

A lot of budget gaming cans focus so intently on in-game sound effects they perform poorly for listening to music or for wearing away from your desk. Not so with these Turtle Beach models using 50 mm drivers (almost all headphones only offer 40 mm) which sound simply fantastic both in- and out of games.

We liked the magnetic side covers on both pairs, which can be removed for a rough industrial look, or decorated with your own decals and artwork and replaced.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

What immediately stands out is the rugged build quality of the Elite Atlas, with serious hinges and thick ear cushions compared to the rickety all-plastic build of many competitors at this price point. The metal headband has a self-adjusting floating band that automatically gets you optimal fit and the perfect side pressure. The mic is removable, so you can wear these on the street. And they sound so good, you’ll want to.

R1 800 (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

The Elite Pro 2 pushes the tech envelope, but with the same robust build and supremely comfortable fit of the Atlas. Using the desktop SuperAmp accessory you’re not just amping up volume but adding full DTS Headphone:X and 7.1 surround sound. Plus, the Superhuman Hearing setting highlights subtle ingame sounds that give you a genuine competitive edge on enemy actions and locations. Choose from preset EQ for both music and gaming genres (shooter, driving), and link your phone by Bluetooth for taking calls or listening to music.

R4 000 (PS4, Xbox One)

The ear cushions are filled with memory foam, have fabric surfaces for breathability and leather side walls for sound insulation and can be removed for cleaning.



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