UE Wonderboom 2

The original Wonderboom made an impact as a punchy go-anywhere speaker with a striking design and use of materials. It could take rough treatment but reliably pushed out bouncy, satisfying sound, with enough bass to get your feet tapping. The Wonderboom 2 hasn’t messed with this winning formula – although the colour schemes are more adventurous, it’s slightly more rugged (IP67 waterproof and dust-proof), and UE claims it’s got more bass too. To us it sounded as satisfying as the original, with ample bass for a grapefruit-sized speaker. We always prefer control buttons on the top, so you can control playback by pressing down with one finger. The Wonderboom has ‘power’ and ‘play/pause’ buttons on top, but the volume buttons are on the side, so you need to grasp the whole device and make full contact with the fabric covering to adjust the volume, which is not ideal for kitchen – or braai – hands.

The newly evolved Wonderboom is still a great party starter for any kind of social scene. It’s good value at the price; reliably delivering exciting sound on pop, dance and acoustic tracks.


IP67 waterproof, 104 Å~ 95 mm,420 g, R1 500


Features 7/10
Build 8/10
Price 6/10

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