Use Autofill on web forms

Google Chrome has a neat feature that allows it to automatically fill in online forms, saving you time and effort. Called Autofill, the feature can save multiple users’ info, including credit details for when you need to make online purchases. To use it, click the three dots in the top right corner of the Chrome browser and select Settings. Scroll down and click Advanced. From the new options that open, look for Passwords and Forms, then click Autofill Settings. Toggle the switch on to activate, then select Add to add or change names, street addresses and credit card numbers.


Now, whenever you click in an online form, a special Autofill menu will appear, asking whose details you would like to use. Choose the name, and Chrome will automatically fill in all the fields it recognises, such as names, addresses, postal codes and telephone numbers. And, relax! With credit cards, you’ll always need to enter the CVV number manually, as a useful safety measure.

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