Vivo Y11

Global Chinese megabrand, vivo, has finally arrived in South Africa and it has chosen to launch with two models that fit into the most competitive category: the first-time smartphone adopters shopping below R3 000.

The Y11 is a suitably stylish looking model with a shimmering metallic finish on the back. There’s an ample screen of 6.35 inches that runs all the way to the edge of the frame, with barely a millimetre of bezel all round. So the screen looks mighty impressive for a sub-R3 000 phone, and it has a teardrop notchat the top. We also like the tiny ridge where the screen meets the frame, which gives the fingers something to hang on to and stops the phone slipping through your hands.

There’s a dual camera system on the back, with a 13 MP main sensor, which performs to expectation, and a secondary 2 MP sensor to assist with focus and HDR effects. Also on the back is a fingerprint sensor, although the phone offers face unlocking too, which works better than anticipated. That’s all pretty standard stuff at this price. The unique selling point for the Y11 is its massive 5 000 mAh battery, probably the biggest battery we’ve ever tested on a phone. Just to be clear: the phone is every bit as slim and shapely as a modern flagship phone, but vivo has somehow squeezed a supersized battery in there, and backed it up with useful battery management tools – which is what matters to users who might spend all day away from a plug point.

While the vivo brand is new to SA, it comes with an impressive international pedigree, and it’s off to a good start with its extra large screen and battery fitted into an otherwise stylish phone body.


6.35” screen, 3 GB RAM, 8 MP front/13 MP + 2 MP rear cameras, 32 GB storage, fingerprint sensor, 5 000 mAh battery, microSD slot, R2 700


Features 5/10
Build 7/10
Price 7/10

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