Xqisit S30

It’s somewhat unusual to find a German brand among today’s Bluetooth speakers, but it lives up to its proud heritage with a characteristic sturdy build using a proper metal frame and neat finishes, such as a protective aluminium grille. It doesn’t use any fancy acoustic tricks to generate bass, but does have its own dedicated 6W subwoofer, which is combined with two 3W full-range speakers. This is all the more remarkable, because it’s barely the width of a paperback novel, and very light indeed. Combine these features with above-average sound quality, and it’s equally at home on a kitchen counter, packed into your business luggage or as a backpack travel companion.


149×75×26cm, Bluetooth and mic, battery 2 500 mAh, R1 300


Sound 8/10
Features 6/10
Build 7/10
Price 7/10


This versatile speaker neatly combines form and function. It won’t rattle your windows, but it delivers great, balanced sound, and it’s beautifully made. Nice piece of German engineering at the price.


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